Cold. Leftover. Food.

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Hello! I didn’t look at the blog before writing this, so I can’t say when our last post was, but it’s been a looooooooong time. I may have alluded to some of the reasons it was slowing down in the last couple of years – and I may not have. I honestly don’t remember. So what happened? Well, my sister and I needed a break because our mom had been sick for some time. And then as she became more sick, her life became much more complicated. My dear sister stepped in and way up and she took care of our mom for the most part. Last November, in 2016, our mother passed away. That’s the simplest way to detail an extremely difficult situation. It was in no way simple, believe me. It is still in no way simple. In relation to food blogging, it just wasn’t possible to keep going, writing posts, trying out new recipes, taking pictures…it’s extremely hard for creativity to thrive when sorrow and anger are being needy. It’s still hard.

In all that time of needy sorrow and anger at how our mother’s situation was, the yearly reminders that our food blog’s hosting would be expiring, unless we renewed it, seemed to come up so quickly. It is a ton of work doing any kind of blog, but we’d really enjoyed it here. It was actually a source of delight for our mom. She told all her friends. They actually would remark on the blog back to us. How cool to just do something for the fun of it in our thirties, and our mom was as delighted by it as she’d been when we were kids in school doing kiddo-like things. And so I would renew the blog’s hosting every year, despite no longer feeling the urge to create with it and for it. There was something I could not give up about it, though.

Today I was eating my cold leftover lunch at work. Mac and cheese (Boxed, because I was tired and sometimes tired makes things delicious and who makes from-scratch-mac-and-cheese on a Monday night, really.) (If you make it from scratch on a Monday night, good for you. Bring it to me next time.) and some grilled chicken my hubby cooked on our new grill we got ourselves for Just Because/Christmas/Birthdays/Wedding Anniversary. While it’s started warming up here in the Land of the Heat, aka, the Southern U.S., that’s not the reason I’m eating mac and cheese that’s taken on plastic qualities in its cold, leftover state. It’s because I’m lazy. The microwave at work is upstairs, out the back and in a trailer in the back parking lot.

Wait, no, that’s not the reason! I’ve eaten cold, leftover food all my life. I think a no brainer is pizza. As kids, it was usually leftover Little Ceasar’s. For breakfast. Because obviously. So the reason is that cold leftover food is delicious in its own way.

Buuuuuut….it’s also because I’m lazy. And rightfully so. I work. I get home and try to make time to work out. I have to remember to remind my child to not forget to study for school tests (I forgot to remind her last night….darn it). There’s laundry. And I mean enough laundry that I suspect another family is living with us and just hasn’t said hello yet. The dogs and cat would like to be fed. And petted. And given treats. And bathed. And at some point, I do need to sleep. The point is, leftover food saves me tiiiiiiiiiiiime. Lots of time. When I can be lazy. Eating delicious cold, leftover food.

Eating my rubbery, cold, leftover mac and cheese today, I realized I was really enjoying it. Who needs to heat that stuff up and soak in a warm, cheesy-smelling facial all the time while eating? Not this girl. I’d cooked it a bit too long last night, and the pasta was not al dente. I shudder at the memory. But cold? All fixed! It’s magically back to a firmer state! (Side thought: too bad we can’t get in the fridge and get firmer…)

Cold Chicken

And I brought along the last chicken leg quarter from dinner as well. This one really needs no explanation. It’s chicken. Chicken is good leftover and cold. Period. I don’t care if it’s in a Chinese sauce, on the bone or gloriously breaded from being fried (that was last week’s cold leftover food). It’s just good. Good ‘ole chicken.

So what’s your favorite thing to eat leftover and cold? What do you think of some posts like this in the future? More talky, less recipe-y? I want to get things moving again. While eating my cold leftover food, I started thinking about the blog, my sister, our mom…and I’m renewing the blog’s hosting for 2017. Learning to enjoy something again comes in strange ways. Cold, leftover ways.

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