Hello, and welcome to Full Fork Ahead! We are a recipe review site that (very occasionally) throws in an original family favorite or two, but mostly we’re scouring the Interwebs for tasty new recipes to try. We love to experiment with them, photograph the steps and publish it all here for you to see and decide if said recipe is right for you. I, Kenda Montgomery, and my sister, Kimberly Martz, are amateur cooks, but we love to learn along the way. We also love to see what the heck that quinoa stuff is all about (I was so weirded out recently by those thread thingies that pop out of the seeds after they cook…like little tentacles of goodness?). One day we’re going to make a rainbow birthday cake! Sis Blogging Partner wants to make puff pastry from scratch – eeeeh! We will continue to put food on sticks! And we promise there will be more cheesecake. Picture me on bended knee, head bowed in some serious supplication. Cuz. I. am. This is where it all happens:


My kitchen is a small square concoction that was built in the 1970’s and it knows it, buddy. We generally make two recipes every Sunday and this is usually enough to fill this little kitchen fuller than a rock concert with dirty stuff to clean up. I’ve generally been ignoring the impracticalities of this kitchen for more than twelve years now. We have major plans to Cinderella the place up in the future. In a future where money is much more present than it is now. A pretty future full of rainbows and kittens and more kitchen cowbell.


In the pic above, you’ll notice the miniscule kitchen cart that is our photo prep area. The lesson to be learned here is if we can put out decent enough food photography on that tiny landing strip of a table, anyone can do this gig. It’s got its limitations, but stretching said limits is just part of the fun. The other part is getting hubby to try a dessert when he can’t stand sweet stuff. He’s such a supportive guy.

Please note that we do not own any of the recipes shared here at Full Fork. We link each to its original source. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to engage via the Contact button at the top of any page. Owners of the recipes: if we have improperly credited your work, please let us know as we will wish to fix it immediately.

A specific note on labeling some posts here as gluten-free: I have labeled some posts as gluten-free if they were indeed wholly gluten-free when we made them with the specific store-bought ingredients we used, or if the recipe is easily adapted for gluten-free eaters (such as merely ensuring the specific chicken broth you buy is labeled gluten-free). Neither of us here at Full Fork require a gluten-free diet, so it’s possible I may make mistakes when labeling posts as gluten-free. I would very much appreciate feedback if necessary and would appreciate contact from anyone who feels we need to correct a post due to issues with it not being gluten-free. I’ve been doing research on the subject recently (as of 2014), but what I’ve learned most overall is that it is a complicated health issue and not all gluten-free people experience the same reactions to certain foods. If you’re like me and are unsure whether a product is gluten-free, I Google brands and look in their FAQ sections and search sites like this one on what to look for on labels.

If you have questions about specific recipes, feel free to leave us a comment in that recipe’s comment thread. We love comments! Thank you to everyone that stops by and especially to those that are inspired by what you see here, gab about elsewhere and link back to us! Thank you for pinning us on Pinterest and Liking us on Facebook and signing up for an email subscription and retweeting us on Twitter! You are all the beeeessst! Stay classy, Interwebs people!

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Recipes used here do not belong to Full Fork Ahead. Please check each post for the source. We review recipes, photograph our efforts and comment on our experiences with the recipes only. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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