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Full Fork Renovations Are Rolling Ahead

3 Comments 08 April 2015

We’re currently going into our third week of renovation at Casa de Full Fork. These are, people, exciting and dusty times! Very dusty. Perhaps even slightly more dusty than exciting. I kid. About the exciting part – it is very exciting. It’s just also really dusty and if you had to put the two on the Scales of Justice, I’m almost betting Dusty would be trying to get his friends Nails and Insulation to hop on.

Honestly, I can’t remember if I talked about it on the blog yet, but I did on our Facebook page. The short story: our house flooded back in 2014 the week of Thanksgiving. I cried. Hubby hugged me a lot. I planned and planned for months while we waited to get money together. And stared at the messed up flooring dating back to the late 60’s. I took a lot of Motrin for headaches after poring over materials and finishing options. I vowed not to be a shrewish mcshrewpants over the actual process. I failed on the first week and the mess everywhere! I took more Motrin. And here we are! Currently we’re waiting on the electricians to finish up, I believe, then an inspection.

2015 Kitchen & Living Reno

2015 Kitchen & Living Reno

2015 Kitchen & Living Reno

2015 Kitchen & Living Reno

2015 Kitchen & Living Reno

2015 Kitchen & Living Reno

2015 Kitchen & Living Reno

So above is what the house looked like for many, many years. The orange room was the living room, the yellow the dining room and the blue beyond that was the office. When you’re young and can’t yet take down walls, you live with the late 1960’s features (The brassy fixtures in some areas and that paneling. Oh. That. Paneling.). And paint walls really bright colors to distract oneself, apparently.

And below is what the house looked like after demolition! Don’t you just want to yell, “Put it all back!” at this point, just to see if anyone gets your sense of humor? No…? Just me? Shrug.

2015 Kitchen & Living Reno: Framing In

It’s. All. GONE! Yup. Sure is! To get a scope of it all, I’m standing and taking this picture in what was that orange living room. To the right is where the old yellow dining room was, with the space furthest being the location of the old office. The area still somewhat framed in by that post was the kitchen. We will have to keep the header beams you see in this picture, but we’ve grown used to the idea. Unfortunately we don’t have an attic that allows for installing the beams inside it and out of the way. We think we may wrap the beams and stain them to keep at least some wood tones in the new space and give a little contrast to what, we hope, will otherwise be much more clean and streamlined than before.

The area to the right of the post, the old kitchen, is where the new dining room space will be. So…where the heck is the kitchen going?

2015 Kitchen & Living Reno: Demolition Day 2

2015 Kitchen & Living Reno: Framing In

We’re closing in the back porch. It’s going in an entirely new location! It’ll be open and freeeeee! We are ever so excited. And yeah, dusty, but it will ALL be worth it.

Below is the area we closed in as it stands now. Well, we’re a little further than this at this time in my write-up, but it’s the most recent pic of this area.

2015 Kitchen & Living Reno

2015 Kitchen & Living Reno

I think Coco dog is trying to reassure us it will all be fine! Or maybe she’s the one asking for reassurance. She should probably just hug that duck toy close, I’ll go get a comfy blanket and we’ll huddle down on the bed and watch a movie while the rest of the house gets its renovation on.

Things happening more behind-the-scenes: lots of electrical. We’re getting almost all-new wiring, basically. This is good. It’s good to be up to code electrically. So. Good. We will have so many outlets to plug things in and lights and switches for those lights…it’ll be like an outlet and light switch Disney World! Why is this so exciting? When you’ve lived in an older home like ours where one room had one outlet (if you were lucky), you too would understand. And lighting beyond the ceiling fan! Or just ANY built-in lighting period. Imagine being able to see your family inside your home!

I talked with the cabinet folks and boy was that another kind of renovation Disney World all its own. Sure, let’s see what making that kitchen function like something from current times actually costs. When I saw the actual work of making a set of kitchen cabinets more useable than my old ones were (I’m short…no, really short, and I just can’t reach that high let alone back into most of our old cabinets), let’s just say the art of marking up with a red pen has never seen a finer day.

I did get a little bit of things cooked and frozen prior to the renovation startup, and here’s a link to 30 Minute Clean Thai Turkey Zucchini Meatballs. I doubled it, so it took me a while just to cook the meatballs, and I went ahead and finished them off in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes per batch on cookie sheets. Doubling the recipe actually gave me enough for four meals for the hubby and I! (Still working on getting the kiddo to eat normal foods, arrrg.) The meatballs were delicious, too, and use no bread or egg for binding. Interesting, healthier and delicious.

If you too find yourself with no kitchen in the near future, the curry sauce is even pretty good made in a crock pot. Simply follow the recipe directions, make the sauce up right in your crock pot, gently add in the pre-cooked meatballs, cover and set the crock pot to high for about and hour and a half to two hours. Adjust the seasonings to taste (I added a lot more red curry paste, for example). The sauce will not be quite as thick as if you’d cooked it down on the stove, but it will be a wonderful thing anyway for having no kitchen!

See you again soon for another update! I’ll give a few more details on what we’ve selected for finishings. Things like flooring and tile and colors and paint and stuff. Definitely exciting.

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  1. Mariecmc says:

    It is going to be wonderful!!! You will love it, I can’t wait to see pictures of the finished rooms. Hang in there!


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