Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a compilation of things we get asked frequently enough around here and I’m going to try to be as concise as possible – but don’t be surprised to see a paragraph or two on some things. Okay…it’s pretty much a sure thing.


On Commenting

In total honesty, I should be better about responding to comments, definitely in a more timely fashion. If I completely fail to acknowledge your comment, I assure you that we sincerely appreciate you taking the time, but I was likely about to start drooling in exhaustion that day and either didn’t see the comment come in or…it slipped my sad little mind! Even though I meant to reply.

As for comments themselves, please do try to be civil and we certainly will be in return. We don’t actually like to use cooking utensils for discipline. We prefer to use them for smacking pancakes around.


On Prepping and Cooking Times:

Occasionally we get complaints from another cook who took longer to prep a recipe or to cook something longer than we posted on a food blog post or within the recipe’s breakdown of prep time, cooking time, level of ease, etc.

First and foremost – all cooks cook differently. I love recipes that give those breakdowns because it helps me to decide if the recipe might be a good fit for me time-wise, but I also read the recipe thoroughly to get an idea of what my own level of cooking experience will bring to the timing factor. Often, I’m a slower cook. Those breakdowns at the top of recipes are estimates, especially the prep time (at least that’s how I look at it). If I don’t feel that a recipe we tried has a realistic prep time, I might add on the extra five or ten or fifteen minutes it took us personally. People’s opinions also differ on what exactly is prep time as opposed to cooking time. Either way, read the recipe for yourself with an eye towards how you personally cook and decide if, time-wise, a recipe is right for you.

Also, be aware that the ingredients list alone can have some hidden, added work. Again, read the recipe all the way through and research unknown techniques ahead of time. The only person that can adequately prep you for a recipe is you.

When it comes to cooking time, often these are estimates as well. Sometimes those times are pretty spot-on and accurate, but again, we all cook differently, with different equipment to boot. This affects how we individually experience and cook recipes.

Too? We’re novices ourselves and many times we’re trying these recipes for the first time. We’re not developing them and testing them several times before posting about them.


Substituting Ingredients

On substituting ingredients: sometimes we’ll know of a good substitution, but as noted above, we tend to make recipes verbatim around here. While we sometimes will substitute ingredients ourselves out of monetary or health necessity, we won’t always be able to suggest something adequate that can achieve the same results for you. Google has helped us many times with our own substitution questions.

If it’s an ingredient you just don’t like or need to do away with, such as salt (for high blood pressure), simply adjust the recipe for you. Nobody will fault you for it. Sometimes we don’t always agree with ingredients for salt or other seasonings, but since recipes are a guide and can be altered – we just alter as we go. If we feel the original amounts called for are extreme, we mention it in the blog post.


Vegan/Vegetarian/Grain-Free/Kosher/Peanut-Free/Gluten-Free Questions

If you have any special dietary needs, your best bet is to ask others with similar needs, search via Google or maybe even ask a dietician. Neither my sister nor I are restricted to any specific dietary need or choice, so we’re not qualified to answer these kinds of questions, especially if it has the potential to affect your health. Some recipes we’ve tried here may be OK for you to use – if you yourself know how to correctly make them for your needs. If we’ve tried a recipe that the source has certified as, say, gluten-free, we’ll either mention in the recipe that it is so, or we’ll tag the recipe as gluten-free.


On Recipe Advice:

We’re frequently asked advice for things we’ve never tried to do in some recipes, such as freezing some items for later use, trying a recipe in a crockpot as opposed to the oven, things of that nature. Just be aware that, because we haven’t personally tried a lot of the things asked in these questions for those particular recipes, we’re pretty much guessing. We’re often cooking the recipes used here verbatim, but sometimes we may do things a little differently, and those are noted in the blog post. If it’s not something we’ve personally tried to do ourselves, we’re probably going to be just as much in the dark as you. Whenever possible, we will definitely give advice if we can be of any help. Now if that doesn’t inspire confidence, what will?


How Do I Convert This to That? Ack – Math!

Please don’t ask us to convert measurements for you. It won’t be pretty. You’re dog may end up transported far, far away or something equally as terrible. Frankly? I’m terrible at math and I get by when having to use it in cooking the best I possibly can – by searching with Google when necessary. Some cooks are great at this and have whole pages dedicated either online or in their cookbooks for these types of questions. This is not the conversion site you’re looking for.


On Using Recipes And/Or Photos From Full Fork Ahead:

On the recipes – often we’re reviewing recipes, so check each post’s source links (located at the end of our photos and commentary, directly below the recipe title) and make sure you’re giving credit to the appropriate people and/or publications. Occasionally we may post an original family recipe, and we would appreciate a mention (i.e. “Recipe and photo from Full Fork Ahead”) and a direct link back to the Full Fork Ahead recipe you’re using. Please do not ever lift and reuse entire blog posts from this site. If you are trying out the recipe as we are here, your own commentary is what you should post, not ours.

On the photos, which are always ours unless noted otherwise – please do post them to your own blog link roundups, articles, etc., but also please make sure to credit Full Fork Ahead for the photo used with either a link back to our home page or a direct link to the post in which you saw the photo. Thank you for liking our photos and sharing them appropriately! Gold star for you!


Site Advertising

At this time, we are a wholly self-funded food blog and are not interested in taking on any site advertisers. So no, I’m sorry, but we do not want to host your ads for chainsaws, exotic resorts or cheap Canadian pills.


Will You Marry Me?

Look, I can read between the lines, and while on some level I’m flattered, no. Nope! I have all the people I can currently handle cooking for. But thanks for asking!


May I Move In With You/Live With You/Eat All Your Foods?

This is what happens when the marriage proposals don’t work. OK, sure, YES you may move in. BUT. You must clean everything on a daily basis, without fail, top to bottom, wall to wall, from the outhouse to the house to the creepy shed in the back yard. (We don’t actually have an outhouse. Or a creepy shed. Darn it!) Then, and only then, may you have good foods. Please send your resume to…somethingsomething.nope.com.

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Recipes used here do not belong to Full Fork Ahead. Please check each post for the source. We review recipes, photograph our efforts and comment on our experiences with the recipes only. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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