Limoncello Cranberry Cocktails

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A few years ago, the hubby had an opportunity to work in Northern Italy for several weeks. After listening to a few of those weeks about how awesome Italy was, we decided I should hop on a plane and experience some of that awesomeness too. I’d been able to do this even further back in my youth thanks to my mom, but this was new and different. It was also the first time I’d ever traveled to anywhere all by myself. Ahhh, adulthood. It gets you to Italy. Sometimes. While there, we purchased some limoncello to pack up and take back to the States. Yes, this is that same limoncello!

Cranberry-Limoncello Cocktails-1

Yep, the bottle of limoncello pictured above had been in our fridge for….errrr…a few years, we’ll say. I think I only very hesitantly asked hubby if it was still good, and after a brief “Yes, sure.” we poured some in a glass along with cranberry juice and have kind of been doing that a lot lately. So much so that the bottle pictured above is no longer living with us!

Cranberry-Limoncello Cocktails-2

Well, what else would we garnish these things with? I guess you could sprinkle some frozen cranberries in there, but then you’d just have these little red balls floating in your drink. It’s up to you.

Cranberry-Limoncello Cocktails-3

Easiest drink in the world, which my mother-in-law actually introduced us to recently. Love you, MIL! Generally you want to use about 1 part limoncello to three parts cranberry juice.

Cranberry-Limoncello Cocktails-4

The thing is, though, this drink can vary slightly (or even widely) depending on a. the brand of limoncello you use and b. the brand of cranberry juice you use. Either can be strong, or they can be not so strong. The goal, in my opinion, is basically reach a flavor level on par with a nice, light and refreshing cranberry lemonade style drink. You may need a little more or a little less of either ingredient.

Cranberry-Limoncello Cocktails-6

Serve this one with the two pretty colors still slightly separated, then plop a straw or stirrer in. Once mixed, the drink will appear softer in color, and this of course, again, depends on how strong the colors were to begin with. Our Italian-bought limoncello was atomic yellow in color, for sure.

Cranberry-Limoncello Cocktails-11

This is one of the most refreshing drinks I’ve tried to date, which means they do not tend to make me hot on top of the already hot Southern summer temps. They do taste exactly like a yummy fruity lemonade, which is perfect for my girly drink needs. Mix one up, raise your glass and stick your tongue out at that summer heat before enjoying a long sip. Cheers!

Limoncello Cranberry Cocktails

from Full Fork Ahead

  • 1 part limoncello
  • 3 parts cranberry juice
  • ice
  • optional garnishes: fresh mint and lemon slices

Fill a double old-fashioned style glass (or other of your choice) with ice. Using a shot glass, measure one part limoncello and pour into glass. Using the same shot glass, measure three parts cranberry juice carefully on top of the limoncello so that the two liquids stay fairy separated. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a lemon slice, if desired. Serve with a drink stirrer. Stir the two liquids together and enjoy.


Trying to keep the two liquids separated is simply for presentation for guests, so skip that part if desired. They do look pretty that way, but yeah, it’s for looks only. Again, you may want to adjust the amounts to taste. The Ocean Spray juice we bought, for example, was the strongest juice we’ve tried to date and needs either a little less of it or a little more of the limoncello. Totally up to you.

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