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Tomato, Gruyere & Bacon Tart

No Comments 17 August 2015

Hello, and how are you peeps doing? Good grief, it’s been awhile! It’s taken some time to get back into this gig, and I doubt the mojo is fixed after only one successful weekend of trying out a new recipe. (I attempted to do so a couple of times prior…didn’t work out.) The simple explanation […]

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Mushroom Bolognese

16 Comments 30 August 2013

Hey there, it’s a healthy Friday here on Full Fork Ahead! If you’ve risen from your shocked position on the floor, let’s proceed. Cuz I even bought the whole grain pasta to go with, so wooeee! That’s right. All healthy and stuff. Bolognese is a meat sauce, and the recipe calls for ground pork, but […]

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Summer Vegetable Chili

1 Comment 28 June 2013

Even though it’s hot enough to melt the shoes right off my feet, I still love the ease and simplicity of a good soup, stew or chili. Normally these are Fall and Winter fare, but just because the seasons have changed, doesn’t mean we can’t use something that can stretch a little over a busy […]

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Grilled Margherita Sandwiches

28 Comments 14 June 2013

The fusion of pizza and sandwiches – why not, right? I’ve seen some crazy grilled cheese combos on various foodie sites lately and while this one isn’t necessarily crazy wild, it’s different enough for our family that I was intrigued enough to try it out. Also, I sometimes crave the simplicity that leaving meat out […]

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Shrimp Etouffee

2 Comments 01 March 2013

I’ll just say it – any excuse to try shrimp in a new way is fine with me. Well, almost any way. Cajun cooking is something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed with what little I’ve experienced, and after my recent purchase of a cast-iron cooking magazine, I decided it was time to try making a cajun-style dish […]

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Main Course, Poultry

Chicken Tikka Masala

6 Comments 30 January 2013

Just down the street from my office is a great little Indian restaurant that serves a nice, affordable buffet lunch. While some days I probably drink enough water with my meal to fill up Lake Michigan because their dishes are usually hotter than a desert at high noon, I can’t deny my tongue’s dubious longing […]

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Tomato Cobbler

No Comments 26 October 2012

This recipe from Food Network Magazine caught my eye back when the issue landed on my Kindle. I’d heard every so often of savory cobblers but had never tasted one let alone tried out a recipe. But what really sells me are – the biscuits. I’m a biscuit girl, always have been, and I absolutely […]

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Easy Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

7 Comments 24 October 2012

Putting the word “easy” right in the recipe title is a little risky, in my opinion. Everyone’s idea of easy varies, especially when it comes to cooking. This recipe might have a few too many steps to qualify as easy for some, but it doesn’t all come from a can, and you can make it […]

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