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Blueberry-Cream Cheese Hand Pies

9 Comments 18 May 2012

The cream cheese totally sold me, I admit it. I mean, we’re putting yummy blueberries together with sweetened cream cheese. It’s like the recipe creator shot up to the top of a mountain just to yell, “DUH!” and it echoed throughout the land. These are from Martha Stewart’s alternate food publication, Everyday Food – which, […]

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Tarte Tatin

No Comments 07 October 2011

This week is sort of a Variation on Pies Week. First we did some cute little pie pops, and now we’ve studied the Tarte Tatin. And by studied, I do mean ate zealously. Looking through recipes as much as we have over the last year or so, and perusing way too many wonderful food blogs, […]

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Pie Pops

5 Comments 05 October 2011

If you’ve got a few hours handy (well, depending on how many of these you make), it’s definitely time to invest in the next installment of FFA’s “pops” madness. I’m almost certain  but maybe not certain that pie pops – tiny pies on lollipop sticks – originated at Luxirare. It’s the post most people seem […]

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Banana Rum Cream Pie

2 Comments 20 April 2011

A few weeks ago, I suddenly found myself in the mood for pie. I want to blame the mini apple crisps we posted a little ways back – the filling would be phenomenal for a full-sized pie – but, whatever the case, I thought maybe my seasonal clock was just out of whack. When I […]

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Bakery, Desserts, Pies, Tarts & Pastries

Deep-Dish Winter Fruit Pie with Walnut Crumb

5 Comments 17 November 2010

I got a new cookbook a couple of months ago, Rustic Fruit Desserts by Cory Schreiber and Julie Richardson, and this recipe was one of the first ones to grab my attention during a first time glance-through. Something about a thin, high crust housing lots of yummy softened fruit sounded really appealing. Not to mention, […]

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