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Salads, Seafood

Cucumber & Kimchi Noodle Salad

1 Comment 20 June 2014

My MIL showed me a Clean Eating magazine recently, and not only was this recipe an attention-getter, but so was just about everything else in it. I downloaded the current issue to my Kindle and proceded to pretty much fill my eyes with lots and lots of yummy food porn. And not just yummy pictures, […]

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Beef, Main Course, Poultry

Guinness & Cheddar Meatloaf

1 Comment 14 March 2014

I was fully prepared to completely throw in the cholesterol towel with this recipe. I was going to just go with the flow and use whatever the original recipe called for but am hindered by two things: my inner urging to try something at least a little bit healthier this time (you’ll laugh later if […]

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Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing

1 Comment 21 February 2014

I have a kind of…thing for spinach salads. When growing up, the more traditional combination of spinach, bacon pieces, fresh, raw mushroom slices, boiled eggs and a homemade sweetened vinegar-based dressing was present on our table a lot. Miracle of miracles, it didn’t take me too long to deign to eat it when I was […]

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Bakery, Bar Cookies & Brownies, Desserts, Snacks

Homemade Granola Bars

No Comments 18 January 2013

The search for good granola sometimes feels like a never-ending one, so I thought why not explore a recipe here. I can spend just about any amount of time equaling A Lot looking for recipes to try here, but when it comes to granola in particular, for some reason I’m torn over the whole process. […]

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Mulled Wine

No Comments 04 January 2013

If this recipe had an alternate title, it would be Better Apple Cider. Or, Would You Like Some Wine with Your Cider? Or, Oops, I Spilled Some Wine in You Cider, Here, Have More Wine Cider. Or, Dash Gud Stuffs. Hi there! Mulled wine newb here and a newly initiated fan at that. Clinky clinky! […]

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Bakery, Desserts, Pies, Tarts & Pastries, Puff Pastry

Fig Tarts with Mascarpone and Honey

4 Comments 07 September 2011

This is one of those totally-0n-a-whim, what-the-heck-was-I-thinking, oh-heck-let’s-create-a-recipe deals. Sis  and I needed to come up with two recipes a couple of weekends ago to hold us over for the upcoming two weeks and I’d had my heart set on Key Lime with Graham Cracker Gelato. Trust me – I still have my heart set […]

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Waffles with Honey-Caramelized Peaches & Crème Fraiche

2 Comments 18 August 2011

I may have mentioned this before, but there is no master plan of What We’re Cooking. Or maybe I didn’t need to mention that. It might well be evident enough when you look around you. Be that as it may, we kind of like exploring recipes and deciding what to cook next, not limiting ourselves. […]

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Desserts, Ice Cream & Other Cool Treats

Spiced Orange & Honey Sorbet

2 Comments 27 July 2011

The unprecedented heatwave here in the U.S. is probably still the most talked-about topic lately. Barely an inch or two of the map hasn’t been covered already with the scorching colors of burnt orange and blazing red. To those whose areas are still bathed in soothing blue, we’re all coming to your houses. See you […]

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