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Edamame & Orange Salad

3 Comments 19 March 2014

I love edamame (aka good ‘ole soybeans), but my experience with it never went beyond the appetizer basket we’d order at the sushi place sometimes. Warm, lightly salted and still in their pods, the pea-green beans spit out easily and are kind of the al dente version of the bean world. Of course, I’ve never […]

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Baked Parmesan Polenta Fries

2 Comments 12 February 2014

I’ve never had polenta before. Or so I’d always thought. As it turns out, they’re just grits, people! Yes, I’m the last person to discover this. BUT…surely we’re not the last people to turn what is, essentially, grits, into oven-baked “fries”. Sis Blogging Partner came across this recipe and it sounded like a good way […]

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Muffin-Cup Soufflés

No Comments 01 January 2014

Did anyone get any rest over the Holidays? While I can say yeah, it was a relaxing time for me occasionally, no, I really don’t feel rested. We did a lot more with hosting family at our house during the 2013 holiday season and I tried to squeeze in some general home clutter maintenance at […]

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Desserts, Ice Cream & Other Cool Treats

Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt

5 Comments 11 September 2013

I saw a post Sis Blogging Partner made or shared on Facebook the other day about a pumpkin frozen yogurt recipe and proceeded to have the longest Facebook convo of my life to date. Obviously the idea of pumpkin frozen yogurt was appealing to us! Since there’s no time like the present, we got on […]

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Main Course, Pasta, Poultry

Mushroom Bolognese

10 Comments 30 August 2013

Hey there, it’s a healthy Friday here on Full Fork Ahead! If you’ve risen from your shocked position on the floor, let’s proceed. Cuz I even bought the whole grain pasta to go with, so wooeee! That’s right. All healthy and stuff. Bolognese is a meat sauce, and the recipe calls for ground pork, but […]

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Summer Vegetable Chili

1 Comment 28 June 2013

Even though it’s hot enough to melt the shoes right off my feet, I still love the ease and simplicity of a good soup, stew or chili. Normally these are Fall and Winter fare, but just because the seasons have changed, doesn’t mean we can’t use something that can stretch a little over a busy […]

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Beef, Main Course

Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls

6 Comments 12 June 2013

I love steak. If there’s a ribeye on my plate, that ribeye is about to be in some serious danger. Extinct in….well, very soon. Unfortunately, those glorious cuts of deliciousness aren’t that great for you. Or me. Or you or you or you. Boooo. However, with the recipe we tried for this week, you can […]

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Baked Parmesan Green Beans

3 Comments 06 March 2013

These were actually supposed to be baked green bean fries, but alas, when your beans won’t stand up and be all french-fry-like, we call them baked green beans instead. Despite the disappointing lack of crispness to our attempt, these tasted really sensational and would make a terrific side item. Who doesn’t love another way to […]

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