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Apple Dumplings

2 Comments 18 December 2013

FYI, folks, this will be our last post of 2013, the Holidays swiftly approaching and all. There’s presents to wrap! Nog to drink! Christmas movies to watch! Ugly sweaters to wear! These things, they take time. So here’s to 2013, you were an….interesting year. Yeah, that’s it! We at Full Fork Ahead wish you a […]

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Gorilla Bread

No Comments 02 January 2013

While I think the recipe name is a bit silly, I suppose we have that infamous Monkey Bread to thank for it. Someone had to go and show up that cheeky, yummy, warm, caramel-y monkey bread up, and it seems this recipe was the solution. Back when we first started Full Fork, monkey bread was […]

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Tomato Cobbler

No Comments 26 October 2012

This recipe from Food Network Magazine caught my eye back when the issue landed on my Kindle. I’d heard every so often of savory cobblers but had never tasted one let alone tried out a recipe. But what really sells me are – the biscuits. I’m a biscuit girl, always have been, and I absolutely […]

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Garlic Cheese Biscuits

4 Comments 28 December 2011

Lemme tell ya something, kiddos. This here’s a story about biscuits. Cheesy biscuits. And garlic. Once upon a time, there was flour and whole milk. And rising agents. Things a cook would know and embrace and mix. And love. There was also a challenge – would these here biscuits prove to be worthy of basking […]

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Cheddar, Bacon & Fresh Chive Biscuits

No Comments 26 January 2011

Hubby and I went on a much-needed weekend away from home, to the beautiful Appalachian foothills in northern Georgia this past weekend. We did this trip several years back and loved it. Hubby’s been asking to go back ever since and I finally just booked it a few months ago and said work-be-damned, this is […]

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Skillet Apple Cobbler

5 Comments 13 October 2010

Just as the quiet people in your life are the ones you have to watch closest, so are the more humble-looking desserts. We all know that our quiet friends and family members make the most mischief in the long run, and I guarantee that, in the same manner, this unassuming cobbler is going to play […]

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