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Main Course, Pork, Sandwiches

Pork Meatball Banh Mi

1 Comment 23 July 2014

I recently saw a cartoon somewhere on the internet that made fun of the, um, I guess you could call it “flowery language”, that food bloggers tend to use. Eh, I kind of know what they’re referring to, and I’ve even been called out before on Twitter by online friends for some of my descriptions. […]

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Main Course, Vegetarian

Creamy Caprese Quinoa Bake

No Comments 28 February 2014

If you go into a recipe expecting to not enjoy it, the likelihood of not enjoying it is probably at least somewhat assured. I admit I’ve developed a small aversion to quinoa in my mind after trying a couple of different recipes, but when Sis Blogging Partner brought up the subject again, I thought maybe […]

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Shrimp Summer Rolls

2 Comments 10 July 2013

Some people also call these spring rolls, not to be confused with their deep-fried cousins also served at Thai restaurants (though the recipe mentions these as hailing from Vietnam). What can I say, I’m a true Southern girl, I suppose, cuz I’ve always opted for the fried ones. After seeing this version in a recent […]

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Main Course, Sandwiches, Vegetarian

Grilled Margherita Sandwiches

28 Comments 14 June 2013

The fusion of pizza and sandwiches – why not, right? I’ve seen some crazy grilled cheese combos on various foodie sites lately and while this one isn’t necessarily crazy wild, it’s different enough for our family that I was intrigued enough to try it out. Also, I sometimes crave the simplicity that leaving meat out […]

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Herbed Quinoa

2 Comments 15 February 2013

As penance for the Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding this past Wednesday, I thought we’d offer y’all fantastic folks something healthy to turn it all around. We tried quinoa for the first time not that long ago and I still reflect on how unsuited that pudding and I were. Sis Blogging Partner liked it a lot, […]

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Salmon Panzanella with Green Beans

1 Comment 24 August 2012

Panzanella is another of those dishes that I’d been seeing a lot of on blogs, food sites and the like since we opened this place. When I realized it included bread, that was enough to keep in on my back burner of blog ideas. It’s an Italian salad, though traditionalists would probably say this version […]

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Appetizers, Breakfast, Snacks

English Muffin Pizzas

2 Comments 17 August 2012

Sis blogging partner sent me a link for this recipe, asking at the same time if it seemed too easy. OK, fellow Forkers, raise your right or left hand, whichever, – an eyebrow, maybe – and repeat after me: No recipe is too easy. There is no such thing! Repeat as many times as needed […]

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Main Course, Pasta, Vegetarian

No-Bake Summer Lasagna

2 Comments 15 August 2012

Lasagna is one of the signature comfort foods. Typically we reserve its baked, cheesy goodness for colder months, but we’re here today to bring to light a fresh, lighter version you can easily make with no baking whatsoever. While it’s pretty much its own animal altogether, this summery version all but promised us, via enticing […]

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