Reno Wrap-Up & Recipes for Summer

1 Comment 24 July 2015

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted here. Guys and gals, 2015 has been a rough year. I can’t really say why, but when the going gets tough, I do tend to get quieter online and my routine suffers a little. I did want to (finally!!!) come back and show you a little of […]

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Full Fork Renovations: The End Is Near!

2 Comments 20 May 2015

And, of course, when I say The End Is Near, I do mean the house. I just realized that the last time I showed any real progress on the house was, errr, my first post not long after it all started! Whoops. Life, it literally flies by, doesn’t it? So here we are and…we’re almost […]

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Full Fork Renovations: Materials and The Art of Choosing

No Comments 22 April 2015

I was going to call this post Finishing Touches, but figured people might think I meant that the renovation is done. Because it’s not done. But it’s coming along as it should! That’s saying something. Some contractors don’t come at a consistent pace and actually, you know, work. And that’s all I’m saying about that! […]

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Full Fork Renovations: What We’re Cooking

No Comments 17 April 2015

I’ve read a lot of food blogs where the very hard-working blogger had a baby coming, a renovation like ours or some other similar Life Event that would prevent them from being able to get in the kitchen and provide copious delicious things like they used to. There’s been a lot of good advice on […]

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Recipes, Sides

Cauliflower Gratin

2 Comments 04 October 2013

Sis Blogging Partner and I love to pin gratin recipes on our Pinterest board we keep for ideas and inspiration. Gratins are some of the easiest ways to get a decadent, delicious side for special occasions (though, admittedly, some can be complex). But what about non-special occasions? What about, oh, I dunno – Tuesday night? […]

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Reasons To Be Ready For Fall: Our Top 5

3 Comments 18 September 2013

Besides the obvious reasons – the changing of the trees, cooler temperatures, less humidity, pumpkins, cooler temperatures, spiced cider, Halloween, cooler temperatures (you get the idea) – Fall is the start of my most favorite time of the year for many things, but also to cook. I mean, of course, right? It’s time to get […]

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Cookies, Desserts, Recipes

Blueberry Muffin Cookies

2 Comments 08 May 2013

These should actually be called The Most Awesome Cookies Evah. Just imagine it: you’re craving the best part of a muffin, that softer, full-flavored top part. And you only want that part. The lower, cake-ier half is OK, but we all know that softer top is where it’s at. And these cookies are exactly like […]

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FFA’s Recipes for Spring

1 Comment 27 March 2013

Guess what? Full Fork Ahead is on vacation this week! By this point we’ll have cooked zero new recipes to try out for this place in the past two weeks and I have to admit it’s been nice. We went on a bit of a binge, cooking three recipes every Sunday for the last three […]

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