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Maple-Bourbon Banana Pudding Cake

5 Comments 22 October 2014

Peeps, I’ve gotta admit, I’ve had a lot to do lately. And I debated for a while whether to post anything for Full Fork this week because of all. those. things. Sometimes we have to give some things up to make room for All the Things, but it’s usually the things we enjoy the most. So […]

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Triple-Chocolate Pudding Pie

2 Comments 04 June 2014

Easy desserts that pack some kind of wow factor, without a lot of excessive work and time, can be hard to come by. Or it seems like there’s a lot to appeal when we look, but is it really going to be any good? If you’re looking for something full of rich chocolate flavor that’s […]

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Brownie Pudding

2 Comments 26 July 2013

As happens many times while we search for new recipes to try, the title of this one alone was enough to make us declare, “We shall make you, you gorgeous idea!” And lo, it was so. The concept of brownies as a pudding was too much to resist. Now, when they say pudding, I imagined […]

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Cobblers, Crisps & Puddings, Desserts

Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding

4 Comments 13 February 2013

Rice Pudding is one of those great comfort foods you’ll find lots of various recipes for. Some include caramel, others some kind of fruit topping – sometimes both! Sometimes I just want a really simple one, though, because what really does it for me with rice pudding is that silky, creamy texture the rice achieves […]

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Cobblers, Crisps & Puddings, Desserts

Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Cherry Compote

No Comments 03 August 2012

Panna cotta is a dessert I’ve seen over and over since starting the food blog, probably even before then. When you’re always looking at recipes to try though I guess you tend to notice some things more. And I’ve noticed that panna cotta seemed like a popular choice. I’ve been curious about it – what […]

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Cobblers, Crisps & Puddings, Desserts

Apricot-Blueberry Cobbler

1 Comment 08 June 2012

I’m perusing recipes these days for quick, easy, requires-less-work-than-sitting-down, things like that. What those recipes that fit the bill also need are things like tastes awesome, looks-good-enough-to-jump-a-fence-for and family-friendly. What else would make the cut but a down-home, berry-bursting, biscuit-topped cobbler? In a cast-iron skillet no less? Yeah, buddy. I’d had my eye on these […]

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Cobblers, Crisps & Puddings, Desserts

Rice Pudding Parfaits with Caramel Apples

3 Comments 13 July 2011

Is rice pudding a seasonal dish? Or do you just make it whenever? The reason I ask? Most recipes I’ve found that were in magazines were from Fall or Winter issues. And I’d never had rice pudding up until a week before we made some for the blog. I know, I know, feel free to […]

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Cobblers, Crisps & Puddings, Desserts

Mini Apple Crisps

5 Comments 23 March 2011

Recipes speak to me. They do! They leap off their pages, whether printed or online, and they make me want to cook them. So I put them in the This Recipe Made Me Want to Cook It lineup and that’s that. We’re then absolved of all responsibility here at FFA, even if the recipe is […]

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