Chocolate Marshmallow Crunch Candy

No Comments 13 June 2014

Sometimes the kiddo (aka Infrequent Miniature Cooking Assistant) and I discuss food, and not the chicken finger/nugget/mac and cheese/ketchup variety. Sometimes we discuss candy, too! I’m totally ace-ing this parental deal, I’m telling you. Anyway, she and I both agree that Nestle’s Crunch candy is pretty darn good, especially the Buncha Crunch variety. It’s our […]

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Chocolate-Cherry Cookie Balls

No Comments 29 January 2014

There’s just no dancing around it – balls. Now that that’s over, what these should really be called are Heavenly Morsels of OMG. They’re like truffles, but truffles times fifty. I’m a major candy truffle lover, and these chocolate cherry cookie things are absolutely to die for better. Normally I save the fangirlish endorsements for […]

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Almond-Cherry Chocolate Bark

No Comments 21 December 2011

So it looks like we won’t get any more Christmas cookies on the blog this year – boooo. Sad face. But maybe you needed something especially easy – and tasty – to make instead anyway. Something to zing the taste buds and add a little wow factor at the same time. Something that requires absolutely […]

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Chocolate-Orange Truffles with Almonds

7 Comments 07 December 2011

Oh snap, people. I thought making truffles would be easy. The one whip illustration in the cookbook denotes an easy recipe. I guess the fact that we’re newbs at truffle-making should have clued me in. And maybe I should have read up a little more on some techniques first. Hindsight is 20/20, blah blah blah. […]

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