Full Fork Renovations: The End Is Near!

2 Comments 20 May 2015

And, of course, when I say The End Is Near, I do mean the house. I just realized that the last time I showed any real progress on the house was, errr, my first post not long after it all started! Whoops. Life, it literally flies by, doesn’t it? So here we are and…we’re almost done with the renovation! We started back at the end of March, and ever since, the contractors have been great. Our general contractor has kept everyone on track and they’ve done work pretty much every work week day since. Trust me, this is just about the best a home owner can ask for. Well, that and it’s all done right.

If you refer quickly back to my original post and look at the pictures, then come back here and see below how much it’s all changed. It’s pretty much completely changed! Except for the wall that frames in the hallway, the position of remaining doors and windows, and the one fireplace we kept, there’s not a thing that was like the house was originally. And that’s the way, uh huh uh huh, we like it.

Sheet rock went in about a month ago and we added a shaker-style trim around doors and windows to coordinate with the shaker kitchen cabinets we’d be using. The sheet rock stage is exciting because you can really start to imagine what it will look like finished.

Right about the beginning of May they brought the cabinets over. And Holy Big Cabinets, Batman! They looked enormous compared to our old ones, but that’s probably because these run all the way to the ceiling while the old stopped at one of those annoying and unnecessary soffit deals. Mama’s going to need a taller step stool now! Included in these was an open coat storage locker. This is a test to see if the family will actually hang up coats and put away shoes now. Heh!

And then, there was granite. Granite! Yeah! Goodbye old almond-colored laminate that stained the minute you looked at it sideways! This one is called Bianco Romano and its one of the cheaper white granites we could find.

The flooring was the next big step – heh, get it? Anyway. We love it! It’s by Ragno USA and the color is Barnwood blend. It’s a lovely tile that we used a dark brown grout with and while it’s lighter all around in person (even the darker tiles) than online, it’s perfect. It’s got a killer wood grain look and a nice texture as well.

As you can see, the structural support header beams and column got wrapped and stained – and are now a gorgeous feature! So glad we went the extra mile and did this as opposed to wrapping them in sheet rock and painting. After the major steps shown above, we’re almost done! There’s a little more painting to do, the electrical needs to be finished (outlets and switches finished and their plates applied) and lighting fixtures will be hung. We may even be able to begin moving some things back into the house this weekend.

Yes, it’s been a long journey of sorts, but it’s been the best and least stressful renovation we’ve ever done, and that’s with it being the biggest! I cannot stress enough getting a good general contractor that keeps everything running smoothly, communicates with you and has absolutely zero personal issues or opinions with how you want your space to be. See you next time for final pictures!

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  1. heidenkind says:

    Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished!

  2. Kimberly says:

    It’s going to be remarkable!

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