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Pizza Bread

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While this would’ve made a great post prior to Super Bowl Sunday, the truth is we don’t bend over backward to accommodate holidays or any such Big Events. We do what we do when we want to do it and pretty much the only thing that guides that is our desire for the food and possibly the seasons. Cuz pumpkin ain’t happening in the Summer (though maybe it could this year cuz, like, I’ve frozen tons of fresh puree in my seekrit lab.). I did make this for hubby to enjoy on game day, though, so I guess the point is it makes a great weekend/game/race day (Nascar’s coming soon vroom vrooom!)/family fun time/you-know-what-I-mean recipe.

If any of that made any sense, you’re welcome.

Pizza Bread-1

Bear with me. I’m giving y’all this recipe by memory because it was one that somebody gave me long time ago in a conversation far, far away…and there were princesses! And light sabers! And fresh mozzarella!

OK, there so weren’t any princesses or light sabers, BUT there was fresh mozzarella….this time. Mmm, love that stuff.

Pizza Bread-2

Ermahgerd! A Cherse Cuhrter! (How do people get so good at that ermahgerd spelling stuff?)

Seriously, though, if you have one of these wire cheese cutter things, they’re great for thin-slicing fresh mozz. Or just grab some fishing line from hubby’s/brother’s/Aunt Bethany’s Tackle Box of Everything and use that.

Pizza Bread-3

Here’s the catch to the recipe. I’ma gonna label it as easy, but you just gotta make sure to let your frozen bread dough rise first. Which means you have to remember to let it thaw and then rise for a few hours. I got up at 5:30 a.m. to do so for this post and went back to bed. You can do it! *thumbs up*

When it’s risen in all its yeasty glory, roll it on out, dudes. I place it vertically on a board and roll it out long ways. Also roll it out on the sides a little, too, to make it wide enough for the filling. You want to try for a quarter-inch or so thick.

Pizza Bread-4

Slather on about a quarter cup, more or less to taste, pizza sauce and then toss on some of that fresh mozzarella. Try not to get too filling happy since this all gets rolled up eventually.

Pizza Bread-5

Had a doh! moment and realized I forgot to add the fresh basil to the ingredients shot. It’s however you want to build these things, really, but if you like basil, why not?

Pizza Bread-6

Throw on some thin-sliced pepperoni and you’re ready to literally roll! Start at one of the shorter ends and roll all the way up the length of the bread. Kind of pull the increasing dough roll back towards you before each consecutive roll so that the dough stretches a little to lay over the filling a bit better. (Again – did that make sense? Garrr, my kingdom for a video vlog on this.)

Pizza Bread-7

And you’re halfway there! Nestle your soon-to-be rather large Bun of Delicious into a cooking-spray prepped loaf pan. Repeat with however many pizza breads you plan to make for your special day. Cuz it is indeed a special day when pizza bread is on the menu.

Pizza Bread-8

And this is when you realize that the buns you thought were large prior to baking so were not! Behold the glory that is Pizza Bread, though it looks rather lumpish and slightly like a blob!

And I totally placed all of them seam side down, but every single seam came up to the side to say hello.

Pizza Bread-15

This is, of course, best served warm cuz the bread is all soft and chewy and then its extra soft and yummy where the sauce and cheese have soaked into it a little and nom nom nommmmm. Place a little extra pizza sauce alongside for dipping or not, your choice. Or better yet, a garlic butter sauce! I blame those little garlic butter dippers from Papa Johns Pizza. Hope you enjoy this fun, easy and tasty recipe!

Pizza Bread

from the Full Fork Ahead Seekrit Lab

  • Ready-to-use bread dough, 1 -2 loaves (such as this brand or similar)
  • 1 14-ounce jar pizza sauce or your favorite tomato sauce
  • Fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced (but pre-shredded is fine)
  • Thin-sliced pepperoni
  • Fresh basil
  • All-purpose flour, for dusting
  • Additional pizza sauce for dipping, optional

Allow bread dough to thaw and rise according to package directions. (This will take several hours, so be sure to allow for this.)

Once your bread dough has risen sufficiently, heat oven to 375 or whatever temperature is recommended on your bread dough package. Flour a counter top or cutting board well with all-purpose four. Dump out one of the bread loaves onto the flour, dust with a little more flour on top. Roll it out long ways and a little on the sides until bread is about 1/4 inch thick and about eight inches wide. Layer one quarter cup (or, more or less, to taste) pizza sauce onto the dough, spreading it to cover most of the dough. Layer on the mozzarella, breaking up any larger pieces as you go. Next tear pieces of fresh basil and sprinkle over the cheese. Last, layer on the pepperoni slices. Beginning at the short end closest to you, roll the dough, pulling it back towards you slightly to better overlap the filling with each roll, and place the rolled pizza bread seam side down into a loaf pan sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. Bake at 375 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes, until golden brown, or bake according to the directions on your own bread dough package. Allow bread to cool for a few minutes, then turn onto a rack to cool a little more before slicing and serving.


Just FYI, the bread will be more manageable if you let them rise in your cooking-sprayed loaf pans. It’s easy then to dump them onto your floured surface and they’re the right shape to just roll on out. This is what my bread dough package recommends, since the assumption is these will be regular baked loaves of bread the customer is making. It works for this, too. Just don’t forget to respray your loaf pan before putting the now-stuffed pizza bread back into it for baking.

As far as thawing the frozen dough goes, it’s easiest to let it rest in the package in the fridge overnight. One of mine was a little frozen still when I got up in the early morning hours to set them out to rise, but by the time all my ingredients were prepped and I’d made the other two loaves up into pizza bread, the other had finished rising beautifully.

I use the white bread dough because that’s what’s available in my area, but if you can find frozen wheat bread dough or a gluten-free option, go for it. Just be sure to follow the thawing, rising and baking directions on your dough’s package.

Make your own bread dough? Yes! Go for it, you dough fiend, you, though I can’t guarantee the outcome since frozen is always what I’ve used for this recipe.

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